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"To me the camera is merely a tool that records the magic,
the real art comes from the magician who creates it"...


As a child I would lose hours in my makeshift loft darkroom gazing in wonder as my images would come to life before my very eyes through the ripples of the developing tray, as anyone who knows, it’s pure magic…

Now with the advent of the digital darkroom with its infinite possibilities I can lose just as many hours crafting a final image and still feel like the visual magician I did in the early days of my journey in photography.
But even with all this new technology on hand one thing as a photographer I believe is that all the real magic happens in the fraction of the second that the shutter is released, the single moment when all the preparation and anticipation freezes time.

Even with today’s top end high speed digital cameras that can shoot at 11 frames a second I am always amazed that in that one brief moment there will only be a single frame that will be “the one” and a fraction of a second can make the difference from recording your subject from the outside to capturing them from the inside.

I often ask myself what defines a great photograph, is it the hours of preparation or the hours of production? or is it simply the single moment that the photographer felt inspired to release the shutter.

My work appears regularly in both national and regional glossy magazines and tabloid & broadsheet newspapers, countless websites and a few books along the way.
The work for my clients ranges from commercial interiors to corporate / private portraits and from food & product photography to social event coverage.
In May 2019 I was awarded the coveted prize of Photographer of the year by Fortnum & Mason.

I take on every assignment for my clients with fresh eyes and an open mind to ensure that it is approached with a passion to create something special.
No matter what the subject is there is always an angle that will present it in it’s best light, and with 360 degrees around us that’s a lot of different ways of looking at things….

After all a still image should always move you….

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